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Podcast that features people with unique careers, hobbies and lifestyles.

The host, Lexi Papadopoulos, is a radio personality, voice actor and traffic reporter. She'll be interviewing people who live life differently. Whether it's a career, hobby or lifestyle, she want to learn about it. Hear about lifestyles that you may or may not have known existed on Delightfully Different.



Lexi Papadopoulos
Lexi and Banks nominated for a CMA
Lexi and Banks and Matt Ramone at the ACM Awards

Lexi is an award winning broadcaster. She has 2 ACM Awards under her belt for her work at KUBL along with several other nominations for ACMs and CMAs. She has interviewed tons of celebrities.

Lexi and her ACM

Lexi Papadopoulos

Learning about unique lifestyles

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